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We nurture in our student the ability to help people using professional knowledge and skills and respect for human dignity and the ability to practice nursing on a solid scientific base.

Societies in the 21st century are becoming more international, with aging populations and fewer children, and care nurses are expected to play more active roles in the field of health.

Nurses serve many different people, not only those who are being treated and recovering from diseases and injuries, but also people living with chronic diseases and disabilities and people who want to prevent disease and improve their health.

Nurses use their professional knowledge and skills to support people in many aspects of their lives?
at medical institutions, in their homes, in the community and in the workplace.

It is therefore important for nurses to have the ability to make scientific, logical, and ethical judgments, and to see patients holistically in their relations to nature and society, based on concern and compassion.

In an international society, nurses also need a broad perspective based on a well-rounded character, with the ability to live side by side with people from other cultures and cultivate a cosmopolitan awareness.
The School of Nursing & Health aims to educate students with professional knowledge and skills and cultivate in them deep humanity, in line with our educational goals.

Degree Bachelor of Nursing


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