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School of Nursing & Health

The School of Nursing & Health supports human health with professional nursing knowledge, skills and compassion. It is your door to a career in the medical and health services.

The School of Nursing & Health aims to cultivate in its students concern and compassion for all people, and to develop professionals who can make scientific, logical, and ethical judgements in health and medical care, home, and community settings based on mutual relationships of trust. Our students will grow to become outstanding nursing professionals in the international and aging societies of the 21st century.

In working toward this, students develop the ability to think logically and solve problems scientifically, the ability to understand people holistically and comprehensively and provide nursing with consideration for the quality of life of each individual, the ability to act based on scientific evidence, the ability to serve a coordinating role as a nursing professional within the overall health, medical, and welfare system, and the ability to contribute to the maintenance and promotion of people’s health in an international society.

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