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School of Japanese Studies

Learn about people through culture. Create a new self by approaching the human essence through language, literature, and practice.

The School of Japanese Studies consists of two departments which explores Japanese culture from different aspects - as suggested by their names. These are the Department of Japanese Language and Literature, and the Department of Japanese History and Culture.

In the Japanese Language and Literature course, students acquire a higher knowledge and a deeper understanding concerning both the traditional and contemporary movements of Japanese culture, through the study of its literature and characters.

By appreciating the distinct and universal nature of Japanese language and literature, individuals are also encouraged to develop their abilities on speculation and assessment to determine the real world around them - which would lead to a cultivated and well- balanced understanding.

In the Japanese History and Culture course, students learn how to consider or survey the course of Japanese culture in an objective way, by understanding various historical events from different perspectives. As a result, undergraduates will gain skills in logical thinking - so as to establish the foundation of their public lives after graduation.

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