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School of Education and Welfare

Fostering specialists in the fields of education and welfare, with an emphasis on the connection between theory and practice.

A critical issue in the fields of education and welfare in the present day, lies in how to establish “development and dignity” for an entire lifetime.

The School of Education and Welfare provides tuition and research dedicated to securing this “development and dignity”, and is composed of two departments: the Department of Educational and Developmental Science and the Department of Welfare Science.

The Educational and Developmental Science offers programs which examine problems that could impair the mental and physical development of children and then searches for possible objective and wide-ranging solutions to them. The course focuses on these issues in the context of the local community, and aims to foster its prospective graduates with the practical proficiency to handle them.

Therefore, the School of Welfare Science seeks to develop professionals who will be able to provide comprehensive assistance, so that welfare users can live an independent and dignified lifestyle. The school also hopes these professionals will promote community welfare, not just by identifying local issues, but by developing and regulating social resources, too.

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