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Enrollment : School of Foreign Studies

When I arrived in "Nagoya" I was scared. It was so different from the modern, but silent Germany I was accustomed to. I had studied Japanese for 2 years at the University of Leipzig in Germany, but in my first week in Japan, I was barely able to communicate. I couldn't speak the thoughts in my head—and there were so many. I think most of exchange students experience this.

However, all of my negative thoughts were blown away when the university life began. I appreciated the great offer of courses and there is also a large variety of clubs called サークル, you can participate in. Days passed, and?university began?to feel like home. I made a lot of friends and have to thank most of the Japanese I met for their gracious hospitality.

Of course I had good days and bad days, but the sacrifices are nothing compared to the gain, especially the language gain. I can only recommend you to experience one year at the Aichi Prefectural University.


Enrollment : School of Foreign Studies

Before I went to Aichi Prefectural University, I was a studying Japanology at Leipzig University, Germany. Since high school I wanted to go to Japan for at least one year to experience the Japanese lifestyle and culture. After graduating from high school I took all my money and went to Japan for three weeks, where I decided to study Japanology that I'll be able to go to Japan for mastering Japanese language. During my studies in Germany I found ?Migration to Japan“ very interesting and decided to write about it in my graduation thesis. Prefecture Aichi is where migrants are the most in Japan, so I decided to go to Aichi Prefectural University for my researches.

When I got first to Aichi Prefectural University, I was fascinated by the nature and landscape around the university’s building. Furthermore, I was able to find new friends very quickly and found the teachers to be very friendly and helpfull. If there was something went wrong, there had been always someone to solve the problem. As there are not to many foreign students at the university, you have a lots of chances to exercise your Japanese. You also can choose your schedule quite freely, which is the best thing about Aichi Prefectural University, I guess. If you don't really know, which Japanese university could fit you best, I recommend Aichi Prefctural University, because in relationship to other Japanese universities it’s a tiny school, where you can concentrate on your Japanese and get in touch with Japanese students easily.


Enrollment : School of Foreign Studies

My name is Elodie and I come from France. I am 23 years old. I came in Nagoya in September. Before coming in Japan I was studying japanese and didactic in university. After graduating I want to teach french in Japan.
I began to learn japanese because I wanted to discover a new culture and language far from the european cultures. In order to understand more about the japanese culture I decided to study in Japan for one year. I think that when you learn a language it is really important to go in this country and learn directly by the people around you.
I love the japanese culture (because it is so different from mine), language and way of life?!

Thoughts on Life in the University
The daily life at Kendai university is really fun and interesting. Besides the japanese lessons you can take various other lessons (english, sport and so on). You can also join clubs. There are many different clubs and you can have fun and talk with japanese students. Everybody (students, teachers, school staff...) is really nice and in case of problems there are many people to help you.
In the school you can find a conbini, cafeterias, a beautiful library and so on. You even have rooms for practising piano.
Moreover if you want to have a walk, the landscapes around the school is really beautiful and there is a huge parc.
Everyday I have a lot of fun with others exchange students and thanks to my life at school my japanese has really improved and I met a lot of really kind people?!

KIM Myeongjoo

Enrollment : School of Japanese Studies

My name is kim myeong-joo and I come from Korea. I am 21 years old. I came in Nagoya in September 25th. My major in Korea is Airline Service. I am studying to become a flight attendant.
I was interested in a special relationship between Korea and Japan. So I decided to study Japanese and Japanese culture. So that, I realized that it has a limit what studying in Korea. In order to understand Japan, it necessary to go Japan and to experience Japanese culture.

Thoughts on Life in the University
?It was by mere chance that I got a chance to come to Aichi Prefectural University. Now, I am very satisfied and deeply appreciating this life. In Aichi Prefectural University, my major is Japanese history&culture. All the people who I met in Aichi Prefectural University are very friendly to me. The seminar class that I have participated in was very interesting and instructive. Not only major subject class but also Japanese classes are instructive and make me a better person. And I am proud to be a student of Aichi Prefectural University.

Degree Students


Enrollment : School of Foreign Studies / Department of International and Cultural Studies

about APU
Welcome to Aichi Prefectural University (APU).
What I am proud of APU is ‘person’. All my professors have been passionate about what they teach. Not only do they teach us studying, also they always give us good advice. That is why APU has encouraged me to see things from several perspectives.
There are not so many foreign students in APU, so you can adapt yourself to your life in Japan and your Japanese will improve quickly. Not need to worry about anything. Staff is incredibly helpful with whatever problems came up. Also, the Japanese language program at APU is designed to meet the needs of foreign students.
You must enjoy studying and your university life. We are looking forward to studying with you in APU.


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