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Program for International Students at Aichi Prefectural University

Aichi Prefectural University offers an attractive learning opportunity in the suburb in harmony with the natural environment for international exchange students.

The exchange program at Aichi Prefectural University has a unique structure which combines Japanese language education with experience-based courses. For example, 'Fieldwork' explores local sites together with an instructing faculty. 'Project Work' gains insight through the interaction with a local society.
There are two sections, the Student Global Mobility Office and the "iCoToBa (Multilingual Learning Center)" (*). supporting your exchange stay at Aichi Prefectural University.

(*) iCoToBa (Multilingual Learning Center)
iCoToBa is a place for Japanese and international students to meet. In addition to courses conducted together with Japanese students from our university, a variety of fun activities are held here. There are also opportunities for exchange, such as lunchtime discussions with Japanese students.


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