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Our Graduate School contributes to higher quality nursing practices through outstanding basic and applied research in the field of nursing, using advanced professional knowledge.

Master’s Program
The degree fields in the Master’s program are Fundamental Sciences for Nursing, Synthetic Nursing, Clinical Nursing, Extensive Nursing, and Women’s Health & Midwifery, each composed of one to three study areas.
Research courses are offered in each specialty. Certified Nurse Specialist courses (Cancer Nursing, Family Health Nursing, Gerontological Nursing, Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing) are offered in the study areas of Adult Nursing (Chronic), Child Nursing, Gerontological Nursing and Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing. A Certified Nurse Administrator course is offered in Nursing Administration, and an Advanced Practice course is offered in Women’s Health & Midwifery.
The Master’s program is designed to develop outstanding nursing researchers and educators, while also training professionals who have advanced knowledge and practical skills who can take on leading roles in nursing practice.

Doctoral Program
The four areas of specialization in the master’s program, Fundamental Sciences for Nursing, Synthetic Nursing, Clinical Nursing, and Extensive Nursing, can lead to a degree in Nursing Science in the doctoral program.
The Doctoral program is centered on seven specialized subjects: Clinical Care Systems, Family Nursing Care Systems, Perinatal Care Systems, Gerontological Nursing Care Systems, Community Care Systems, Nursing Skills Education and Nursing Administration & Policies. The program is structured so that, together with Fundamental Sciences for Nursing Care, basic and applied research in nursing science that will contribute to the improvement of nursing practices can be carried out. The findings from this research are communicated widely, and nursing researchers and educators, as well as professionals equipped with advanced professional knowledge, practical skills, and planning and management skills, are cultivated so that these findings can be applied in the fields of medicine and health.


Master’s Course:
Master of Science in Nursing

Doctoral Course:
Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing


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