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Acquire the high level problem-solving skills and specialized knowledge in information science and technology required for the global information society.

In recent years, there have been worldwide problems stemming from the Deindustrialization or maturation of existing industries, and losses in regional environmental prosperity.

Therefore, there is now a need to make an active commitment to creating new or improving regional industries - thereby ensuring truly affluent lives for local residents. Furthermore, a shift towards a more knowledge-based industrial structure is required, through the application of advanced technology, centred on information technology.

Therefore, the Graduate School has introduced both Master’s and Doctoral courses into the Department of Information Science and Technology, to provide advanced information system engineers who are proficient in cutting-edge information technology.

Master’s Course
The Master’s course is located in the Departments of Information Systems, Media Informatics, and the Department of Systems Science.
Students within the Departments of Information Systems can complete the IT specialist course, by attaining credits in their specified subjects. Application for this course is required upon admission to this school.

The curriculum is composed of a specialized subject, a related subject, a practice subject, and specialized research. This enables students to develop their knowledge and understanding of cutting-edge information technology through the accomplishment of these subjects - focusing on their specialized area.
In addition, the practice subject offers students the opportunity to acquire the practical methods of problem solving, and the specialized research enables them to cultivate their skills in gathering research data.

Doctoral Course
The Doctoral course in the Department of Information Science and Technology, examines information systems in the areas of infrastructure and networks, along with the human information system, and the environmental information system.

The curriculum comprises of a specialized subject, a related subject, a general subject, and specialized research. The related subject is explored so that it can help graduates to achieve publication and establish the intellectual ownership of their findings. The research assignments are closely related to the specialized subject.

In addition, the general subject includes a collaborative research project. In this project, students have the opportunity to experience practical research in the real world.
Throughout the specialized research period, instructors provide guidance ranging from the research topic background to the doctoral dissertation.


Master’s Course:
Master of Science in Information Science and Technology

Doctoral Course:
Doctor of Philosophy in Information Science and Technology

Message from a Current Student

Graduate School of Information Science and Technology

Yuji Suzuki

The purpose of research is to discover new facts and interpretations (that are of higher value), and this is also true of graduate research. In my own research, when a question arises I have no choice but to look into its causes and the possible solutions on my own, in order to come up with an answer. However, I believe it's very rewarding to discover new facts and interpretations through such research. Wouldn’t you say it would be very exciting if your research could change the world?


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