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Days that will heal your heart

Spend some time viewing the scattering of islands. Play on the sandy beach shining in the evening sun. Stroll through the stunning foliage and the rows of ginkgo trees.

Think of it. Maybe nothing liberates and heals our minds like nature, for we can enjoy the many expressions of nature at every change of seasons.

Aichi is truly a blessed place where you can always feel Japan’s four seasons in your bones.

Takeshima Island, floating in Mikawa Bay off Gamagori City

Takeshima Island is the core of the Mikawa Bay Quasi-National Park. At the base of the Takeshima Bridge was a restaurant/hotel called “Tokiwa-kan,” where literary figures often visited between the Taisho and the early Showa eras (1910s through early 1930s). This restaurant/hotel now makes its mark as the site for the “Literary Memorial by the Sea.”

The “Seaside Promenade,” in the gateway city to Chubu Airport (Tokoname City)

This is an excellent resort location that you will never get tired of visiting, as you can see airplanes take off from Chubu International Airport (Centrair) and large ships come and go on Ise Bay. At night, the radiant night view of Chubu International Airport (Centrair) creates a world of fantasy.

Koijigahama (Lovers’ Lane Beach) in Tahara City

Koijigahama is a seacoast spreading around Irago Cape on the edge of Atsumi Peninsula. Facing the Pacific Ocean, it is a beautiful sandy beach that covers about 1 km including the Hii-no-Sekimon (the Stone Gate of Hii).
The sound of the surf at Koijigahama in Tahara City is one of the “Best 100 Soundscapes of Japan.” It is wonderful scenery that makes you lose your sense of time.

Rows of ginkgo trees in Sobuecho, Inazawa City

In late autumn, the entire Sobuecho is covered in gold foliage, creating such spectacular scenery. This is the time when many tourists buy Tokuro and Kyuju ginkgo nuts. While Tokuro nuts are large and delicious, Kyuju have a sticky texture.

Terraced rice fields in Yotsuya, Shinjo City

Terraced rice fields made of stacked natural stones, Mt. Kurakake, and the wonderful scenery nurtured by transparent and abundant water soothe the hearts of visitors.
The terraced rice fields of Yotsuya, Shinjo City, have been selected among the “Best 100 Terraced Rice Fields of Japan.”

Iwayado Park, on the outskirts of Seto City

Iwayado shares fame for its foliage with Korankei Valley in Asuke-cho, Toyota City.
During the period of illumination, the fantastic world of red will leave a deep impression in your mind.
After strolling the town of china, Seto City, why not make a little side trip here?


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